To our Lovely readers,

Love should not be hard.  But we all know that is easier said than done.  We have all been through our fair share of relationships.  But what makes a good relationship?  What does that couple that seems to be perfect together have, that your relationship is lacking?  We are here to help you vent, complain, and work through those issues.  Hey, we are even here to share a little bit of our own romantic dramas.  One thing I have realized in this dating world, is that everyone needs that one person that can provide them with the support and advice they need.  Let’s face it, you tell your friends about a problem with your significant other, you get over the problem: Now your friends hate them.  We want to provide an avenue for you to seek and give non-judgemental advice.  Ultimately, we want you to be the best you and form healthy relationships, whether romantic or platonic.

 Sincerely (your new best friends),

          ~L & Loved!~


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