Am I happy in Love???

What is love?

Love means so many different things to so many different people.  To me love is never unconditional.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in the feelings you have for someone.  But do they respect you and treat you how you deserve?

Some people believe that there is one person in the world for them.  I love the romance of that!  But to me, love is finding someone who will be your best friend.  Someone who will accept you and push you to do better in life.  They always want the best for you, so no matter how annoying it is for him to tell me I shouldn’t be surfing the internet and should be doing more progressive work, I respect it and need it.  But when falling in love with someone, and debating whether or not you want to be with them, there are some questions you should ask yourself.

  1. If I had a child, would I want my child to date someone like this person?  Does this person respect me and treat me correctly?  Sometimes, we get wrapped up in our lustful situations and fail to see the reality of it.  Now, we all know that we want the best for the people we love, and can quickly pick up on the wrong doings in their relationships.  It is so easy to judge a situation from the outside.  As human beings we want to protect the people we love, who would we love more than a child?  Now, even if you do not have a child, imagine that you do.  Would the way this person treats you be acceptable for your son or daughter?  Would you feel safe and confident with their relationship?
  2. Am I truly happy? Like TRULY! Not for the moment, or at this time.  People have disagreements.  That’s life. You are two people trying to work together as one.  Of course you are going to have disagreements and learning experiences.  Being in a relationship is all about compromise.  Please, Please, PLEASE, pick your battles.  Understand and truly think about whether or not this issue is worth an argument. Arguments place undue stress on a relationship.  If it is something that you can discuss or even let slide for the moment, please do!  For instance, my ex loved to leave his dishes next to the sink, instead of putting them in.  I am a freak when it comes to my dishes.  But really, how much energy does it take for me to put them in the sink?  Instead of arguing, I simply say, in a fun way, “ you literally put the dish an inch away from the sink…. can we just put them in”.  Guess where the dishes end up now? The sink!
  3. If my family and friends truly knew what went on in my relationship, would I be proud?  You should never be ashamed of your relationship.  I want you to be in a relationship that you are truly excited and happy to be in.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do not expect there to be no ups and downs in your relationship.  Every relationship has them.  But are your conflicts healthy?

To my readers, I want you to understand your worth as human beings!  Understand that you always deserve more.  Please, understand that love is not synonymous with pain.  You need to be strong and understand when the time comes to walk away.  Be confident in yourself! Understand that there are sooooooo many people in this world.  My number one rule is” If you can’t treat me the way I deserve, I will find someone who will”, and trust me they will!  Again, no relationship will ever be perfect, and I truly understand that, but you will find that person.

Never settle!


~Be Loved!


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