50 Day & Evening Ideas

Just because you and your partner have conflicting schedules doesn’t mean the relationship should immeasurably suffer!

This list is wonderful for thinking outside the box.

Some of my favorites are:

1.    If you won’t be seeing your partner for a while, tell them you’re concerned and have hired a bodyguard. Give him or her a stuffed teddy bear with an “I Love You” heart on it.  (Emotional I know, but my boyfriend did this for me without me telling him to and it has helped me every day)

5.    Lie in the grass and look at the clouds.  Be a kid again and find shapes in the clouds. The sexier the better!  You may want to find a secluded area so that this could lead to some outdoor fun!

6.    Daytime or nigh time have dinner or lunch on a rooftop somewhere.  Spread a picnic and make sure you won’t be disturbed.

10.    Take a walk in the rain together. No umbrellas allowed.  Stand under an awning and kiss for a minimum of 60 seconds. (This is one of his favorites)

16.    Take some water balloons or some water guns to the beach one afternoon and blow off some steam together.

17.    Have your own masquerade ball right at home, day or night. No limitations on costumes, or lack thereof, so long as there are masks.

30.    Find out if your city has any historic sites or tours, and go explore together. Treat each other to a nice dinner after your day of walking.

39.    Play hooky together. Schedule a day in the middle of the week to take off work, and see what the rest of the world is up to when everyone else is stuck behind a desk. (One of our favorites :p)

40.    Go to a museum. If you live in a larger city, you can even plan out several months’ worth of museum visits. You’ll get a little culture, some time together, and some perspective on your lover’s taste in art and culture.



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